Bambusa textilis kanapaha

Bambusa textilis kanapaha

Textilis 'Kanapaha' is the largest of the family of Weaver's Bamboo, making it the largest of our most cold-hardy bamboos for central and south Texas.  This cultivar was named from Kanapaha Gardens in Gainesville Florida.  We obtained our growing stock directly from them.  Although it has a very upright habit, this clump can get very wide.  Make sure you can devote a growing area 10 ft in diameter or larger, with no obstructions overhead, including airplanes...

Maximum Height- 50 feet

Minimum Temperature- 18 degrees

Culm diameter- 2.5 inch

7 gallon- $95

15 gallon- $180

*We are sold out of this variety. We are working hard to build numbers up in this variety and will have some available Summer 2020!