Bambusa Ventricosa 'kimmei'

Bambusa Ventricosa 'kimmei'

Bambusa ventricosa kimmei or Painted Buddha's Belly is a very unique bamboo which has yellow canes with green stripes and grows in two forms.  In a pot or very dry conditions it will grow as a dwarf bamboo with bulging internodes or bellies. In this form it makes a unique addition to a porch or patio. However, in the ground with ample water it will grow as a giant with canes that zig-zag rather than belly. In this form it makes an incredible privacy screen, wind block, and sound barrier. For screening purposes install one plant every 10-15 ft.

Maximum Height- 55 feet

Minimum Temperature- 21 degrees F

Culm diameter- 2.3 inches

SOLD OUT/ Can propagate in the Spring to be ready by Summer with pre-order.